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Psalm 133:1 - "Behold how good and pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in Unity"

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New UAMM Website


New UNITED ALASKA MORAVIAN MINISTRY GROUP (UAMM) Website online today, November 13, 2018. Interested? Go to


Spiritual Warfare? Many Christians in the Church do not believe in a personal devil who has declared war on Christians. Satan wants to weak the church. In Ephesians 6 it speaks of active spiritual conflict which we as believers are involved in. The devil is the accuser of the brethren, so we must recognize in the church any gossip and rumor that creates discord has its origin in the heart of the devil. If want you say about others is judgmental or critical, please be warned that God is displeased.

Demons influence people; armies of them are at work to deceive believers. A big weapon that these demons have in the lives of believers is for them to use their tongues to hurt others which creates division and the end result it causes low moral in the Church. Christians, and very gifted ones do run the risk of often unintentionally hurting others by their words. IN THE LIFE OF THE ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH, I would like to warn everyone to be more careful. Be cautious when you speak; watch your words and even what you write on facebook about others! Try to weigh its impact. Let's be known as a bible believing, bible following, and bible practicing church that uplifts Jesus Christ and when we speak that whatever we say or writes creates unity, love, and peace among everyone.

We must watch our conduct and recognize that gossip and promoting any discord can literally kill the church, its leaders, and relationships with other believers. If we have anything to say, it must be for the edification of other believers!

If anyone says anything unkind about you recognize its source, forgive them - for so often they do not know what they are doing. The scriptural answer for dealing with people if there are any issues is to in confidence speak with the pastor who can confront the erring person. If the issue demands a bigger step for resolution the pastor and an elder can intervene. Sometimes an issue is so hurtful, it may demand the entire elders board to deal with issues in strict confidence.

The main thing to keep in mind is the redemption of everyone. Issues that are hurtful are dealt with privately for resolution to maintain the peace of the Church family. PLEASE ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH FAMILY PLEASE STOP GOSSIPING.

SO OFTEN WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD IS NOT TRUE. LET'S PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER AND UPLIFT EACH OTHER AND EXPECT THE BEST OF EACH OTHER. If they are gossiping about you let it be water off a duck; leave it in the Lord's hands.

God bless you.


Alaska Moravian Heritage Church Awakening

The subtitle of this new book soon to be published by UAMM Publications in Anchorage, Alaska is "Rise of World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches".  The following is a snopsis of the book.

Today in the early 21st Century the Holy Spirit is again moving and a "Great Awakening" with spiritual gifts is happening in ministries and groups around the world.  The Alaska Native people have been prophesied to be involved in end-time ministry.  Here is one story of ONE awakening of a Moravian Heritage Group that God is using in Alaska.  United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group's story is one of misunderstandings, mistaken identity, persecution, yet one full of joy, glory, and purpose for God's gloryl  It's story is one of preparing the world for the SOON RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST who desires to find a church "without spot or wrinkle".

Plans are for 500 to 1000 books to be published for sale soon.  An e-book version may also be sold.

If you are interested in this book, please contact the author at

Alaska Awakening

ALASKA AWAKENING!  Our relationship with Christ is everything.  We have been restored back to God through Christ's blood.  Our authority, power and dominion is restored (Matthew 28:18-20).  Christ has gone before us and given us the ability to overcome.

An Awakening is happening.  Folks, believers in Christ, we are no longer on the defense --- in Christ we have overcome! Now may all of us in Christ Jesus continue to maintain the offensive to plunder the enemy and recover all.

News from Uganda's Bishop Arabous

BISHOP ASSIGNED MORE RESPONSIBILITIES....Odongo Mario Arabous received the a Bishopric staff,a symbol of leadership. 
Today Nov 4th, 2018 in Lira town, N. Uganda, was another historical day worth remembering in the life of Bishop Odongo Mario Arabous of Moravian Revival Church Uganda(MRCU) as he was assigned more responsibilities in the struggle to expand the gospel in and out side Uganda. 
The Archbishop Emmaus Bandekile Mwamakula of the Moravian Revival Church in Tanzania(MRCT) and also the Co-chair of The World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches(WFMRC), openly announced in public the leadership roles given to Bishop Odongo. 
(1) Uganda has been divided into two dioceses namely: Alebtong and Lira. Therefore, he will oversee the work in the jurisdiction of Alebtong Diocese which will be the principal one. 
(2) He will be the Presiding Bishop of the country of Uganda. 
(3) Also he will oversee the work/ churches in South Sudan and gradually expand the work worldwide. 
In his short speech of remark, he promised unity in all the churches in Uganda and appealed to his fellow ordained pastors as Rev. Deacons(16), Presbyters(3) and Bishop Ociti Nelson Deus who was newly consecrated to oversee Lira Diocese to dedicate themselves for the work they are sworn in. 
You are welcomed to embrace the work and pray for it expansion as the Holy Spirit leads. 
"Our Lamb Has Conquered, Let Us Follow Him".

Bishop Consecration & Missionary Trip to Honduras/Trip Report

Bishop William Nicholson


October 30, 2018

On September 30, 2018, in Round Rock, Texas, in a well attend home gathering, I consecrated The Rev. George Lee of Allied Mission Church as Bishop in line with Moravian Heritage.  A certificate of consecration was given.

On October 2, 2018, I arrived La Ceiba, Honduras to be a special speaker at a Youth Conference sponsored by the Honduras Moravian Province held on October 3-6, 2018.  There I resided at Rev. Isai Granwell’s home.  As usual, I had to purchase food for the entire family.  This time I paid for the electricity, water utility, and internet, which during Rev. Isai’s absence was turned off.  Even though the water bill was paid, water was generally not available, so had to rely on rain water and quick baths.

The Conference was held in La Ceiba in a dangerous section of town, which I attended by taxi with Smerling Granwell who turned out to be a good English translator.  The first night, a young man was murdered within a block of where we held our first night service.  The Conference began at 7 am and lasted all day and into the night.  We returned to lodging after 10 pm nightly.

Along with several speakers, Rev. Gerald Nixon & Rev. Humberto Solis from Tegugigulpa, Bishop Evelio Romero Mármol from Puerto Lempira, Rev. Jackson and his father from La Ceidba, and 

others including two or three outstanding well known singers, the worship was full of spirit and bible based always.  Many youth attended; dancing, raising of hands and praising God out loud was common place.  On the last day of the Conference, one of Pastors (I did not get his name) lost a daughter only 12 or 13 years old due to another homicide.  Murder is common in this area.  No wonder asylum is commonplace for people in this country.

I spoke two days with George, my interpreter, giving one hour long messages on Unity and Christ’s High Priestly prayer for Unity.  On the third day, I was able to take a half hour or so to ask questions of the young people and summarize my two messages.   The messages were well received and the pastors and bishop were very respectful of my presence.  Food was served during the lunch break at the conference.  Rev. Isai Granwell attended two days, in the evenings, but was very busy readying for his wedding which was scheduled for Sunday, October 7, 2018.

On the last day of the Conference, I participated in over an hour long meeting w

ith Bishop Evelio and several of his Presbyters.  Rev. Isai Granwell attended.  While they supported UAMM and understood the injustice of UAMM’s removal, they were concerned about the division UAMM was causing in Honduras namely with Rev. Isai’s Church.  Bishop Evelio said no problem with Nixon’s Church in Tegucigulpa.

On Sunday, October 7, 2018, I gave a message and 

performed the ceremony and blessing for the marriage of The Rev. Isai Granwell to his new bride, Guerrero.  The Church was full of well wishers including several pastors and Bishop Evelio Romero. 

I departed La Ceiba to meet my wife and family at Burbank, California on October 8, 2018.  The entire trip to Texas and Honduras was self-financed with no hardship for UAMM.  The trip c

ost was around $3,000 for airfare, utilities, taxi, food, marriage costs, and gifts.  I thank Rev. George Lee for paying for my hotel in Texas.

Update November 4, 2018 UAMM NEWS

Updates on Important Facts Concerning UAMM:


1.  Shawna Nicholson has been hired by the UAMM Executive Committee to serve as Administrative/Accountant beginning officially October 30, 2018.  She will be responsible for financial reports, deposits and payment of bills, and administrative support to Bishop William Nicholson who is President/CEO of UAMM

2.  UAMM has a new official logo which began service on October 31, 2018.  Also a new website is being developed at  Bishop Nicholson's email address is

3.  Bishop William Nicholson has commissioned publishing in November 2018, UAMM's story entitled "Moravian Heritage Church Awakening:  Rise of World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches".  This book will be for sale SOON as a hardback and soon should be available as an e-book on the internet.

4.  Two bishops - The Rt. Rev. Lauden Kangele of Seattle, Washington and The Rt. Rev. George Lee of Round Rock, Texas have been commissioned and consecrated in September/October 2018.

5.  Plans are under afoot for UAMMs two bishops and members of UAMM staff and Boards to travel to Bethel, Togiak, and Manokotak to hold three nights of Revival meetings before Christmas 2018.

Total Healing of Liver! By Marcia West

Back in 2008 I was told by doctors that my liver was not doing well and I needed to quit drinking. I wanted to quit but i couldn't. The temptation was too strong. I later understood I was bound by the demon of alcohol addiction. By 2010 doctors told me that unless I stop drinking I may be in need if a liver transplant. By August 2011 docs told me I was in need of a liver transplant.

I had been crying out to God to take this craving of alcohol away from me because it was killing me. I couldn't stop because I was bound by the demon of alcohol addiction amongst other demons I won't mention right now. In August 2011 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

In September 2011, the docs released me from the hospital to my family and said there is nothing they can do for me short of a liver transplant. They basically sent me home to die. (This photo was taken September 12, 2011 the day I was released from the hospital).

I was not going to give up on life. The day the doc told my family I might die at any time, I rebuked the lies of the enemy and claimed life in the name of Jesus.

Near the end of September I went to a Revival at the Moravian Church in Anchorage (located at 3512 Robin Street - the Anchorage Moravian Church) and it was there that God healed my liver! The doctor was astounded and called it a miracle! I was no longer in need of a liver transplant. The time that occurred between the time of my last checkup when i was in need of a liver transplant and the time they found nothing wrong with my liver was a couple weeks and it's medically impossible for this to happen in that short span of time.

When I accepted Christ as my Saviour, He gave me new life. I'm not saying He does this in every instance because some people accept Christ as their Saviour and still pass on. I just trusted that whatever God's will is it will be and I felt He wanted me to live longer on this earth as we know it.

I looked back in my photos on Facebook and realized there aren't any photos of my past before I accepted Christ as my Saviour!
The Lord says I have been forgiven of my past sins and made a new creation in Christ.

He's calling you today to choose whom you will serve (you can't serve both) - the One True God who sits on the throne in Heavenly plans, creator of all things; or, the god of this world (satan and his followers).

My prayer for you is that you will choose LIFE in abundance through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Those That Died and Came Back through Prayer & Those Healed

There are a number of our people that physically died and came back with life changing testimonies!  All are a result of prayer and several of them NOW attend the Anchorage Moravian Church.  We have heard their awesome testimonies, all standing on the Word of God and giving glory to God and His son, Jesus Christ:

Abraham George - story told in Celestial Traveler, a book authored by Glen Hermann.

Showalter Smith - story told by Sister Grace Smith, several times at AncMC Evening services.

Hector Ortiz - shared in testimony.

Bonnie Gregory - shared in testimony.


Physical Healing Miraculously:

Gloria Nose - paralyzed, but God gave her full movement and mobility back.

Marcia West - Internal organ healed, dropped cane, and returned back to testify of healing, regaining her hair, her weight, and beauty back.  

Lawrence Murphy - torn muscles healed internally in abdomen before doctor had to do procedure.


Testimony at the Anchorage Moravian Church

Marie Demientieff God blesses us and annoints us as we are led by His Holy Spirit... Yes. Each of us are given various gifts.
I love the presence of the infilling of Gods presence every time I do attend your church, Pastor! The humility of our Native Elders speak volumes in their testimonials!
I love it just how it is!! That's the reason I am so filled with the Holy Spirit whenever I go there!

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