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Psalm 133:1 - "Behold how good and pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in Unity"

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Total Healing of Liver! By Marcia West

Back in 2008 I was told by doctors that my liver was not doing well and I needed to quit drinking. I wanted to quit but i couldn't. The temptation was too strong. I later understood I was bound by the demon of alcohol addiction. By 2010 doctors told me that unless I stop drinking I may be in need if a liver transplant. By August 2011 docs told me I was in need of a liver transplant.

I had been crying out to God to take this craving of alcohol away from me because it was killing me. I couldn't stop because I was bound by the demon of alcohol addiction amongst other demons I won't mention right now. In August 2011 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

In September 2011, the docs released me from the hospital to my family and said there is nothing they can do for me short of a liver transplant. They basically sent me home to die. (This photo was taken September 12, 2011 the day I was released from the hospital).

I was not going to give up on life. The day the doc told my family I might die at any time, I rebuked the lies of the enemy and claimed life in the name of Jesus.

Near the end of September I went to a Revival at the Moravian Church in Anchorage (located at 3512 Robin Street - the Anchorage Moravian Church) and it was there that God healed my liver! The doctor was astounded and called it a miracle! I was no longer in need of a liver transplant. The time that occurred between the time of my last checkup when i was in need of a liver transplant and the time they found nothing wrong with my liver was a couple weeks and it's medically impossible for this to happen in that short span of time.

When I accepted Christ as my Saviour, He gave me new life. I'm not saying He does this in every instance because some people accept Christ as their Saviour and still pass on. I just trusted that whatever God's will is it will be and I felt He wanted me to live longer on this earth as we know it.

I looked back in my photos on Facebook and realized there aren't any photos of my past before I accepted Christ as my Saviour!
The Lord says I have been forgiven of my past sins and made a new creation in Christ.

He's calling you today to choose whom you will serve (you can't serve both) - the One True God who sits on the throne in Heavenly plans, creator of all things; or, the god of this world (satan and his followers).

My prayer for you is that you will choose LIFE in abundance through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Those That Died and Came Back through Prayer & Those Healed

There are a number of our people that physically died and came back with life changing testimonies!  All are a result of prayer and several of them NOW attend the Anchorage Moravian Church.  We have heard their awesome testimonies, all standing on the Word of God and giving glory to God and His son, Jesus Christ:

Abraham George - story told in Celestial Traveler, a book authored by Glen Hermann.

Showalter Smith - story told by Sister Grace Smith, several times at AncMC Evening services.

Hector Ortiz - shared in testimony.

Bonnie Gregory - shared in testimony.


Physical Healing Miraculously:

Gloria Nose - paralyzed, but God gave her full movement and mobility back.

Marcia West - Internal organ healed, dropped cane, and returned back to testify of healing, regaining her hair, her weight, and beauty back.  

Lawrence Murphy - torn muscles healed internally in abdomen before doctor had to do procedure.


Testimony at the Anchorage Moravian Church

Marie Demientieff God blesses us and annoints us as we are led by His Holy Spirit... Yes. Each of us are given various gifts.
I love the presence of the infilling of Gods presence every time I do attend your church, Pastor! The humility of our Native Elders speak volumes in their testimonials!
I love it just how it is!! That's the reason I am so filled with the Holy Spirit whenever I go there!

Home Fellowships Wanting to Join UAMM?

SUBJECT:  United Alaska Moravian Ministry 

TO:  __________________________________________ (LEADER of MINISTRY GROUP)

FROM:  Bishop William Nicholson, UAMM President
              Abraham "Iply" George, UAMM Evangelist

DATE:  February 1, 2017

Many of you are already part of UAMM, which continues to grow quickly.  Thank you for attending the annual UAMM General Conference in Anchorage, January 25, 2017, in which you have made decisions to allow more growth to happen through planting of Churches, sharing the gospel and tithing regularly.  In fact it has been approved for Rev. Lauden Kangele to teach on this subject matter for UAMM's recognized spiritual leaders, elders, and trustees at an upcoming UAMM Training event planned in Anchorage at 2150 E. Dowling Road (AncMC) for February 25-26, 2017.  All of you are invited to attend.

Your Fellowship or Church, where-ever you are, from UAMM's view is totally autonomous and can operate on its own, which many of you have for a long time!  But it is now timely for us to let you know, we are a movement of God, the Holy Spirit, which needs to be organized more.  So we can do more, together, in expanding the Kingdom of God.  During January 2017, UAMM has exploded into 18 Fellowships and Churches, now part of non-denominational "Free" and "Living Church" which UAMM is.  Iply will continue to travel to grow more Fellowships and Churches!

The United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) is a recognized 501c3 Organization, which Abraham George and I are encouraging all the Alaskan based city and village Fellowships and Churches (that Iply has been involved in) organize more and come to life.  As you join UAMM, you will be a member of a larger statewide and international organization, which your body can join.  Joining UAMM gives you an umbrella of accountability, assistance, and covering through which you can use UAMM's US Internal Revenue Service EIN Number so that all donations may be tax deductable.  If the Traditional Church attacks you, you have our protection and covering!

UAMM participating independent Churches at this time are listed in the back of this letter.  If you have a fellowship which is not organized we can help you organize.  Encouragements are there for you to organize into at least a fellowship with democratically elected elders, trustees and a spiritual leader (pastor).  At bare minimum your body should begin tithing regularly and money going into a checking and/or savings account, with a Treasurer/Account (who can be a trustee) with two check signers.  

This letter also includes the following which will help you make decisions to move forward:
1.  Iply's Letter of Invite, December 2016
2.  Organizational agenda & Sign-in Sheet example
3.  Sample Bylaws
4.  December 2016 Mission Travel Report by Nicholson & Sergie

If you have any questions, you can contact either myself, at (907) 240-8102 or email me at  If you have issues about accounting, UAMM has a bookkeeper, Mr. John Bill, who can answer questions, at (907) 885-8283 or

Unction Needed

Today, January 30, 2017m my close friend and pastor mentioned to me about the need for "Unction" when we preach. Yes, after thinking about it, I am thinking that we need more unction whenever we speak from the pulpit so that God's blessing and purposes will become more real in our lives. Even those that share their testimonies should have unction, so we can better touch lives for the Kingdom of God!

Wow, people have problems! We all do; we must deal with all kinds of personal problems. What we say in the pulpit to the sheep will either help or not.

Most of the time I feel inadequate, but if God is going to use me or anyone for that matter in United Alaska, I pray that we all will speak with practical helpful ways, speaking redemptively, boldly, and truthfully. In order to do this with more positive results, it is my thinking today, we must have the anointing and blessing of God! I think this is what unction is; it is given by the Holy Spirit. According to the dictionary unction means "the action of anointing someone with oil or ointment."

When we are speaking in front of the Body of Christ, we are speaking for Christ. It's His ministry, not ours! It's about God's presence, too! We cannot have His presence unless we are totally surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit! As preachers we must have the blessing of God, so that God will take our words and multiply it. We should not preach until like the early Moravians experienced; they did not really begin their ministries until they had a special endowment of power from on high. I am praying for more of that now for all of our leaders!

Historic powerful preachers make it very clear that their preaching is ineffective unless they are filled with the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts speaks of this. If we are to overcome the enemy and obstacles placed in the way of United Alaska's growth, we must be super endowed by the Holy Spirit, so that we can deal with devil and his dominions and win against the forces of hell. Only powerful preaching will cause the demons to leave like bats out of hell!

We don't want United Alaska to go backwards, nor anyone of our Fellowships or Churches. Our future rests in the empowerment that the Holy Spirit that helps us to uplift Jesus Christ and it will be God that draws others to the Kingdom of God. We need to be fearless and bold as we proclaim the truths of the Kingdom to win others. It is not about playing Church like we have heard many times in our midst.

No one has else has mentioned unction to me, other than my mentor, The Rev. Fred Nielsen of the Holy Spirit Moravian Church in Dillingham. Yes, and I thank you and I agree Rev. Nielsen, we do need the unction of the Holy Spirit! We need a holy, bold, presence in the pulpit.

Unction is alive and well around us! I've seen this unction in the lady speakers at the Anchorage Moravian Church speakers such as Sister Grace Smith, Pastor Roberta Thomas (Friend's Church), through Pastor Russell Lamont, and other men like Evangelists Abraham George and Leonard John. I've felt this when our Youth Leader, Hector Ortiz speaks. Hey folks, the aforementioned, as well as others in our midst are good examples of showing unction. We love these people and support them mightily! God moves when the unction is there! We see it, don't we?

I'm told when the Holy Spirit anoints the preacher “you have the feeling that you are looking at yourself in amazement as this is happening. It is not your effort; you are just the instrument, the channel, the vehicle and the Spirit is using".

One thing more, we want the younger generation to come into being. Maybe as ministers and preachers, we need to speak with greater boldness, passion and confidence. Then, maybe non-believers will be more excited to come to Church and hear the Word of God spoken, which will result in greater numbers of conversions.

More Holy Spirit unction is certainly needed among the Pastors and Elders and Lay Leaders of United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group Fellowships and Churches. Halleujah!



Recognizing their "Freedom of Religion", the pastors and delegates of 18 United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) recognized Churches and Fellowships met during their annual General Church Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, January 25, 2017 and agreed that the letter (regarding their exclusion by Moravian Unity Synod 2016) sent by UAMM's Executive Committee to the Unity Board Chair on January 18, 2017 is indeed their position and stand!

It was felt that it is better to be separated from unrighteousness and injustice and to instead connect to Moravian organizations that are part of a new world-wide reformed Moravian Movement that God appears to be orchestrating. As a result of this type of stand UAMM has exploded from 7 Moravian Churches and Fellowships to 18 by January 2017.

A Moravian Church from near Seattle Washington was recognized by UAMM and United Alaska is open to expansion where-ever the Macedonian cry is heard. Amen.

Shown below is UAMM's Evangelist Abraham George sharing - Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes unto the Father but by me."

New Fire Fellowship Gathering in Bethel, Alaska

Received from Sister Eileen George:

Invitation to all! In Bethel, Alaska 1/30/17@6:30pm.  

This will be a New Fire Fellowship Gathering at 210 City Subdivision.  The Fellowship Gathering will be held at the Margaret Chase Home.


Additionally Sister Eileen says (pharaphrased), "GOD BLESS Anna Alexie for opening up her home.  There are many people in need and they are being healed in the name of JESUS!" 

Note:  This is a newly recognized United Alaska Moravian Group organization.  Please pray that God will grow this Body of Christ.  Other villages in Alaska have independent Home Bible Fellowships that may want to consider joining United Alaska.  If so, speak with Abraham George and he will direct you to call Bishop William Nicholson at (907) 240-8102 or email him at

Newly Elected Leaders of AncMC

During the AncMC annual Council meeting of January 29, 2017, elections were held.  The following leaders were elected to serve:

Elder:  Showalter Smith, Carrie Paton, Nellie Kiunya

Trustee:  Aan Ortiz, Pauline Bayayok, Russell Lamont

Please prayerfully uplift these leaders joining Richard Mercer, Fay Romer, Tanya Kernak, and Lucy Westcoast.

They may bring the AncMC into continued revival and transformation by the Spirit of God!


Want to Share?

Hi folks,

today is Sunday, January 29, 2017.  I'm still building this site for you to share your spiritual victories and experience.  If you want

to share something, go ahead and install your article by sending it on contacts or email me at and I will post your information.

Hopefully this week, I'll get the blogger updated so you may be able on your own to add your experiences to glorify God.


Bishop Nicholson

Five Fold Ministry

The Following information is provided by The Rev. Bob Monette.  Without the Celestial Traveler, I don't think that Mission for Jesus Christ sake would unfold like it is doing NOW. - note by Bishop William Nicholson.

The Five Fold Ministry is based upon Ephesians 4:11-13.  Before I share what this ministry is let me share why the Five Fold Ministry is essential, today.  It is because 1800 pastors leave ministry every month.  40% of the ministers will not last 10 years.  50% of them feel unable to meet the needs of the job.  80% believe that pastoral ministry has a negative effect on their family.  45% of the pastors say they go through depression, burnout, and needed a leave of absence.

A way to understand the Five Fold Ministry is to think of the hand of God as a ministry.  The thumb as the Apostle and the Forefinger as the Prophet; the middle finger as the Evangelist, the ring finger as the Pastor, and the little finger as the Teacher. 

Let's take a closer look at this.  The Apostle, the thumb is not in opposition to or over the fingers, but is designed to complete the full function and power of the hand.  Apostle administration and with the Prophet will lay the foundation through the Word and build a spiritual struction.  The Prophet functions in revelation and points the way for believers like a compass and provides guidance, instruction, rebuke, judgment, revelation, calling all to purification and holiness.  The Evangelist represents the outreach ministry extended to the world.  The Pastor is the shepherd of a local flock or Church.  The Teacher provides balance and helps to ground the Church in truth through instruction in the principles of the Word of God.

As follows the Five Fold Ministry is better understood::

Apostle - Govern

Prophets - Guides

Evangelists - Gather

Pastors - Guard

Teachers - Ground

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